The lust connection between beauty and boob goddesses Holly Garner and Molly Evans didn’t happen overnight. It took time to blossom. Molly is wearing all black lingerie. Holly is wearing all-pink lingerie. She’s also wearing a pink-strap-on. Their naturally big tits look bigger than ever. After waving hello, the girls giggle and jiggle their boobs and bounce on the bed. They admire each other’s mouthwatering chests and beautiful faces. Holly flicks her pink tongue out in admiration. These two will be speaking in tongues a lot.

Holly plays with Molly’s bra straps and Molly does the same with Holly’s bra. They bounce faster, making their perfect breasts shake. Molly kisses Holly on the lips, tasting her sweetness. Holly is the first to bare her gorgeous tits. Molly can’t wait to feel, lick and rub her sexy girlfriend’s lucky charms. Holly helps Molly lower her bra so she can feel and rub Molly’s treasure chest.

Holly lies back and Molly puts Holly’s pink toy cock in her mouth like… Read More »

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